Capitalism is the Sisyphus myth

First things first:

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I want to say right now that I don’t know any of these people. I have only a vague idea of what the movie is about, and I have absolutely no idea at all if the film is any good. However, this is just such an ingenious marketing idea that I want to see it succeed. If nothing else, it’s an interesting experiment in the usefulness of social media and internet marketing.

Building off of that, I want to turn your attention now to an earlier blog post from this same blog:

Must Filmmakers be Businessmen?
One of the ideas that drives me to marry entrepreneurism with my creative interests is the observation that studios are becoming so risk adverse, that the rewards of producing original content will soon be exclusively in the hands of individuals with the vision and the cajones to take the risk on themselves.
According to this article in the Hollywood Reporter, the same is becoming true in the distribution market - even for wide releases!
This process will only continue, as shareholders drive the studios into more and more conservative investments and social media changes the marketing landscape. What we’re seeing now is only the beginning.

It’s true that social media outlets are changing landscapes – multiple landscapes – and the more obvious it becomes, the truer it becomes.

An image sprang into my brain the other day: that of Sisyphus hauling his boulder up a hill. According to the myth, what follows is that the boulder falls back down the hill, and Sisyphus has to start all over again. The cycle continues ad infinitum, and Sisyphus is doomed to an eternity of futility and struggle.

It just so happened that I was thinking about money problems when this image popped up, and now the myth of Sisyphus is forever merged in my mind with the cycle of our current economic system. Businesses struggle and struggle to grow and prosper, but once they relax, gravity takes hold and everything crashes down to the bottom, so they struggle some more and regrow and regrow.

There are two options to consider: do we figure out a way to change our fate, or do we continue with what we know will produce the same effect each time?

The internet is changing everything – every year for the last fifteen years has been drastically different than the previous. Our boulders are breaking apart, crumbling, smaller and smaller into more and more pieces. Does that make it more difficult, to have to haul a boulder in several small pieces instead of in one big round rock? Does that make it easier, since we can spread the workload around?

Unfortunately for me, I have no way of knowing. I’ll just have to adapt as I go. As I mentioned earlier, I have no interest in upending the socioeconomic system upon which billions of lives are built. I have a very strong interest in making a living within this system that allows me the freedom I desire. (Certain freedoms are given, but other freedoms must still be earned.)

One thing I do know – if that analogy is in any way accurate, I’m going to have to keep my friends and my robots close, so I can hand them pieces of rock to carry for me.

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